19 Dec 2011

PressEnter! Website Development team moves to Woodbury, MN

Throughout the years the digital age has gone through many phases of development. We now carry the internet around in our pockets. Within ten years there has been a shift in communication and consumerism.

We've proudly served many communities over the years. From Red Wing to Minneapolis, MN to Eau Claire and Superior, WI. As the internet continues to expand and go through many changes, we too as a company grow and evolve with it.

Our headquarters in River Falls, WI is still selling and supporting our original services of Internet, Computer Repair and Business IT. We are currently developing a website that will have the traditional information that you've always relied on with PressEnter! Our plans are to launch this website later this week. If you are a current PressEnter customer using our WebMail service, you will be receiving an email to experience this new site. We encourage you at that time to update your bookmarks for your homepage.

The shift to focusing our main site to our website development team came as a response to the industry needs in our client base. We have moved our main focus around providing user experience design. Many brands and businesses today face the challenge of marketing to their customers differently as they did just a few years ago. A consumer today moves seamlessly from their mobile device, to their computer, television. 

As a web development and content strategy team, we help our business customers to be able to deliver a product and service that meets these needs.

We understand that change can be difficult for some customers, we will continue to do our best to meet all of our customer's needs. We can assure you that each of our services will still uphold the integrity and reliability that you've grown to love for all these years.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to make any comments please contact us.